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Virtual Storytime Korean Folk Tale Series The Lazy Boy who Became a Cow


Friday, June 19, 2020

Hi everyone! :) Hope everyone's doing well.
We're back with our 2nd story "The Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow.”
There are a lot of Korean idioms regarding cows. To list a few, there’s...
1. 밥먹고 누우면 소 된다. Translation: don’t lie down after you eat, or you'll become a cow. (Meaning: Don't be lazy. Another meaning is your food won't digest well if you lie down right after you eat.)
2. 소 뒷걸음치다 쥐잡기. Translation: the cow caught a mouse by stepping back. (Meaning: Someone gets lucky by guesstimating)
3. 소 잃고 외양간 고친다. Translation: you fix the barn after you lose your cow.’ (Meaning: It's already too late)
Please comment down below and tell us what you liked about this story. Again, we'll winners to send a Korean version of this book!
See you again next month! :)

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