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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Special Stage with Skirball Cultural Center

Premiering FREE on YouTube Live | Saturday, August 29, 8pm

The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles(Wijin Park, Director) as a promotional partner in cooperation with Skirball Cultural Center(Jessie Kornberg, President & CEO) will present a special virtual Concert "Skirball Stage : Gavin Turek and Ak Dan Gwang Chil" on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 on the Skirball Cultural Center YouTube channel

The first episode of 'Skirball Stage' will feature 'Gavin Turek and Ak Dan Gwang Chil Virtual Concert' (a total of 60 minutes).

As a promotion partner, KCCLA is promoting Korean performances organized by the Skirball Cultural Center to the Korean communities so that many people can watch the 'Skirball Stage' performance.

The ADG7 performance video will be performed in the order of the highlights, 'Youngjeonggeori', 'Nanbongga', 'Hello, Lonely' and 'Aucha' will be provided with English subtitles.

1) Youngjeonggeori
It is a new reinterpretation of 'Youngjeonggeori' of Hwanghae-do Gut. The original song feels dreamy and intense with mixed various shamans’ voices. Even though it is an old song, the modern sound techniques are impressive. The characteristics of the original song are retained while trying to capture the sounds of Ak Dan Gwang Chil.

2) Nanbongga
We put Ak Dan Gwang Chil’s belief and beauty of difficult love in the Seodo Minyo 'Nanbongga'.

3) Hello, Lonely
City People are used to living alone. Despite doing everything alone, we have loneliness and emptiness in our heart. We wanted to deliver our consolation through this song.

4) Aucha
As a motif of the boatman’s song in Baeyeonshin Gut of the west coast, it’s a song that makes people feel hopeful and happy like returning with a boat fully loaded with fish.

For more information, such as watching the performance, visit the Skirball Cultural Center's website (, and watch the show for free and receive detailed information about the performance through the pre-booking (RSVP).

For full experience of culture and cuisine, Skirball also introduces carry-out SKIRBALL SUPPERS.

To complement the viewing experience for Angelenos, the Skirball also introduces a carry-out culinary experience, Skirball Suppers, on August 29. Before settling in to watch the concert, locals are invited to pre-order and pick up a three-course meal prepared by the Skirball’s culinary experts. The August 29 prix-fixe menu offers mouthwatering dishes inspired by Korean cuisine. As part of the full Skirball Suppers offering, recipes of select dishes from the menu will be provided free online for at-home preparation.
Online order at

Please enjoy the exciting performance of Skirball Stage virtual concert.

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