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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hi everyone!
Hope you all enjoyed the dance relay video!
This time, let’s make a VAV relay dance video to the song "Made for Two"!!?? .
1. Learn the choreography of the song - (Chorus, 1st verse or the entire song).
2. Self-record at home - PLEASE do NOT gather with your friends to practice or record the video.
3. Send your recording - Please send your recording with the above information included to
- Please put your full name as the file name and information of Part of the song covered (ex. 1st Verse & 1st Chorus - 0:00~1;15) .
4. We will relay everyone’s dance into a full song and upload to KCCLA social media platform. .
5. Please submit your covers by Saturday, October 10th. .
**Through a raffle, some participants will be gifted a signed VAV CD

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Last Update : 09-29-2020