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K-Performance Series(10) Korean Men

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

K-Performance Series(10) Korean Men(Lee Heemoon & Prelude)
Korean Gyeonggi Jazz Project

Join KCCLA for an exciting virtual Concert

The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles (Wijin Park, Director) will present a special online performance "2020 K-Performance Series with Korean Men"

Set List
02:15 Jebiga (Swallow Song)
08:30 Bangmulga (Song of Fancy Goods)
17:58 Pungdeungga (Wishing for a good harvest)


Lee Heemoon (Director/Lead Vocal)
Ko Heean (Piano)
Choi Jinbae (Music Director/Bass)
Han Woongwon (Drums)
Richard Rho (Tenor Saxophone)

1. Jebiga (Swallow Song)
In this album of Korean Men, the original song "Jebiga" was revived and reinterpreted in a modern way through the swing jazz music of the 1930s and 1940s. A song about birds, Jebiga is a song that depicts various birds in a specific and friendly way.

2. Bangmulga (Song of Fancy Goods)
This song is about a man leaving to Seoul to find success, and a woman who says she’d rather die than break up with him. It paradoxically depicts materialism as he gives her items to put in her room. The song is all the more interesting as he expresses the blues music in a sad but colorful way.

3. Pungdeungga (Wishing for a good harvest)
Pungdeungga is a song that sings about the importance of farming and the joy of harvest. Using funk rhythm, the joy of harvesting is illustrated in a groovy manner, and repeated Riffs were used to express repetitive movements during harvest and farming. This song is characterized by the exchange of saxophones and sounds as if they were talking.

Please enjoy the exciting performance of Korean Men!

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