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Korean Pottery "Story Of A Thousand Years" Episode 1


Friday, December 18, 2020

Korean Pottery "Story Of A Thousand Years" Episode 1

'Story of a Thousand Years of Korean Pottery'

This first episode is introduced by Dr.Do-hun Kim (Ph.D of Ceramic Engineering & Ceramist), who tells us an interesting introduction to Korean Pottery, focusing on the history of pottery, types of pottery & clay, and characteristics of Goryeo celadon. Dr. Do-hun Kim also speaks about his father, Sechang Se-yong Kim, Master hand of Ceramic, his 50 years of trial and error of recreating Goryeo celadon.

What is pottery?
History of pottery
Type of pottery
Type of clay
Story of Kim Se-yong, Korean Master Hand of ceramic
History of Korean pottery
What is Goryeo celadon
Characteristics of Goryeo celadon

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