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Learn Basic Taekwondo Movements Through Animation

Learn Basic Taekwondo Movements Through Animation


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles would like to introduce 5 videos as a series titled “Learn Basic Taekwondo Movements” which have been produced as animated content from the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation.

Established in 2005 as a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of, Republic of Korea, the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation aims to disseminate and promote Taekwondo.

You can have a great fun time with your family by learning how to do the movements of Taekwondo, Korea’s iconic martial art: Seogi / Blocking / Kick / Punching & Thrusting / Hitting.

To get started on learning together, click on the image below

1. Learning Taekwondo basic movements / Seogi

Seogi refers to the various standing forms which are required to execute all the offensive and defensive movements of Taekwondo. Seogi is the very basic of all Taekwondo movements.

* Training Sequence
1. Basic ready stance
2. Horse-riding stance
3. Forward waking stance
4. Front leg bent stance
5. Close stance
6. Back leg bent stance
7. Tiger-shaped stance
8. Front twist stance
9. Back twist stance

2. Learning Taekwondo basic movements / Blocking

Blocking is not only a technique to deflect all attacks and protect your body as a simple defense, but also a technique to counter-attack the opponent's vital points at the same time.

* Training Sequence
1. Underneath blocking
2. Face blocking
3. Trunk inner blocking
4. Trunk outer blocking
5. Hand blade truck blocking
6. One hand blade twist blocking
7. Palm-hand trunk inner blocking
8. Scissor blocking
9. Trunk push blocking
10. Cross underneath blocking
11. Single hand wide open blocking

3. Learning Taekwondo basic movements / Kick

Kick uses your legs to strike the opponent. The force of the kick depends on the movements of your legs and feet.

* Training Sequence
1. Front kick
2. Side kick
3. Roundhouse kick
4. Both feet jumping-up kick

4. Learning Taekwondo basic movements / Punching, Thrusting

Punching, Thrusting is a technique to attack the face or the chest of the opponent with your fists. It is a technique that is more advantageous than kicks by opponents that are closer. Tzireugi is similar to Punching, Thrusting but one would attack with the fingertips. Since the technique requires the hands to be opened, one can attack further but it needs a lot of training due to potential injury of the fingers.

* Training Sequence
1. Trunk opposite side punch
2. Trunk straight punch
3. Pulling and chin punch
4. Side punch
5. Straight spear finger thrust

5. Learning Taekwondo basic movements / Hitting

Hitting is a movement which allows one to make very fast and versatile attacks, like the moving wind.

* Training Sequence
1. Hand blade neck hitting
2. Back fist face front hitting
3. Elbow turning hitting
4. Elbow target hitting
5. Shallow-shaped hand blade neck hitting
6. Hammer fist down hitting
7. Back fist outer hitting

Last Update : 05-19-2021