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K-CONCERT Series 1 : Dignity of Korean Sounds

K-CONCERT Series 1 : Dignity of Korean Sounds

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Friday, April 17, 2020


Free online concert until April 23rd, 2020 on YouTube.

Dignity of Korean Sounds
Kim Sung-jin, Conductor
National Orchestra of Korea
Source : 국립극장 [National Theater of Korea]

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles(Wijin Park, Director) presents a special K-Concert Series(1) by National Orchestra of Korea.

The National Orchestra of Korea(one of the residents company of the National Theatre of Korea) was established in 1995. It consists of a 70-member orchestra of Korean traditional instruments which regularly collaborates with leading composers from Korea and abroad.

National Orchestra of Korea has been loved by many audiences for introducing the repertoire Best Collection and Masterpiece which is recognized as both popular and artistic.

This season, National Orchestra of Korea presents , the most Korean and contemporary pieces selected by the professionals from the past stages. It would be the stage that never should be missed for the audience who love Korean music, as the repertoire is of the ‘must-listen’ pieces carefully selected from the musical collaborations with the leading composers in Korea and abroad.

The online screening period(2020.4.17-4.24) has ended.

00:51 Kang Jun-il, Orchestral Drawing for Korean Orchestral Music ‘My Beautiful Homeland..’(2014)
15:45 Kim Sung-kook, ‘Gongmudohaga’(2012)
36:03 Kim Dae-seong, Daegeum Concerto ‘Wild Flower’(2005/2019)
51:21 Yang Bang-ean, ‘Arirang Road-Diaspora’(2019)
01:05:13 Lim June-hee, Cantata ‘UBOOSASISA’(2010)

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