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K-Performance Series 2 : Salpuri

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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K-Performance Series(2)
Source : 국립국악원[National Gugak Center]

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (Wijin Park, Director) presents a special K-Performance Series(2) Salpuri
Salpuri is one of the traditional Korean dances and it has been designated Korea’s Intangible Cultural Property No. 97.

Salpuri represents the Korean spirit ‘Han’, which means people’s sorrow. The white silk handkerchief freely flies in the air without any artificial intention. It neither exceeds nor lacks between movements. The performance shows the highest degree of restrained aesthetics as if the entire performance is possessed. Salpuri consists of a slow start, followed by a rapid increase in tempo, and then a deceleration at the end.

Although Korean traditional dancers often perform ‘Salpuri’, expressing its beauty and essence is extremely difficult for it requires a great deal of skill. It is considered the finest example of Korean dance.

Players from The Folk Music Group, National Gugak Center
Kim Jin-Jung(Dance) / Hwang Kwang-yup(Piri), Moon Jae-Deok(Daegeum), Kim Ji-Hee(Haegeum), Moon Kyung-Ah(Gayageum), Han Min-Taek(Geomungo), Yoon Seo-Kyung(Ajaeng), Cho Yong-Bok(Janggu), Lee Jae-Ha(Jing)

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