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K-CONCERT Series 3 : Into The Light

K-CONCERT Series 3 : Into The Light

Performing Arts

Friday, May 01, 2020

Free online concert until May 8th, 2020 on YouTube.

Into the Light
Yang Bang-ean, Composer, Music Director
Choi Soo-yeoul, Conductor
National Orchestra of Korea
Source : National Theater of Korea

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles(Wijin Park, Director) presents a special K-Concert Series(3) 'Into the Light' Yang Bang-ean with National Orchestra of Korea

The concert Yang Bang-ean with National Orchestra of Korea-Into The Light is divided into two parts. The first part is focused on a dense performance of “Arirang Road-Diaspora,” a multi-movement symphony under one theme. The second part is filled with Yang Bang-ean’s representative pieces played by the National Orchestra of Korea in collaboration with Jia Peng Fang, a master erhu player active in China and Japan, and with flamenco musician Oki Jin who studied traditional flamenco in Spain and has drawn attention by combining it with Asian folk music. Yang joins them with the piano.

Please understand that the entire performance will be over until May 8th, so we can no longer provide the video.

01:01 ‘Arirang Road-Diaspora’
39:10 ‘Romance Anonimo’
45:54 ‘Arirang’
51:45 ‘YASANGWOLU’(夜想月雩)
57:41 ‘The Promise of Wind’
01:05:39 ‘Kitty’s First Step’
01:08:59 ‘Black Pearl’
01:16:31 ‘Flowers of K & Diaspora Main Theme’
01:26:35 ‘Frontier’

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