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Live Gallery Tour with Curator 8

Live Gallery Tour with Curator 8


Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Vertiginous Data

Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles(KCCLA/Director Wijin Park) presents the eighth video, the last series of Live Gallery Tour with a Curator "Vertiginous Data" by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) from MMCA's Youtube channel.

This exhibition, featuring fourteen works by ten domestic and overseas artists/groups, presents various ways in which data, as a public utility, is creatively mobilized for aesthetic production through pieces on a range of data based topics including big data, blockchains, and AI.

The exhibition title "Vertiginous Data" illuminates the economic and ethical aspects of data as communal utility, based on its non neutral trait. In a time when everything, from aspects of our daily lives to national organizations, is analyzed and processed into "data", data has come to govern not only individual lives but also social paradigms. The social impact of the digital environment serves as a cause for hope but also concern regarding the technologically powered visions of the future. Participating artists explore the aesthetic faculties of digital technology, discover the shortfalls of the digital environment, and identify uncontrollable chasms in their attempt to offer artistic reinterpretations.

The exhibition comprises three sections: the democracy and anti feudalism of the digital mechanism; how contemporary artists utilize data; and new propositions using digital mechanisms.

This Virtual Korea-Exhibition Series #8 video is about 30 minutes long, Live Gallery Tour with Curator Deoksun Park from MMCA.

We hope that you can explore the new ideas imagined and suggested by the artists in the digital sphere through this video.

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