2020 Korean History & Culture Webinar for American Educators

Date: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 - Wed, Jun 24, 2020
Time: 09:00AM - 05:00PM
2020 Korean History & Culture  Webinar for American Educators
Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles (Director Wijin Park), along with National Korean Studies(Director Sung Soon Kim), will host the for 3days from Monday, Jun 22 to Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020(13:00-16:00 PST).

This seminar will be specially held in the form of a webinar where participants can still be distantly social due to COVID-19 while still getting together to learn as a format of the regular seminar.

Mainly educators in the Los Angeles Unified School District, more than 100 educators including principals, primary and secondary teachers, assistant principals, educational administrators, counselors, and special education teachers will be attending the webinar hailing from 15 different states across the U.S. that include New York, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Texas.

This seminar, which starts on Monday, June 22 at 1pm PST, kicks off with a welcoming message from the Korean Cultural Center LA’s director Wijin Park, followed by an introduction to the textbook Teaching East Asia: Korea (by Mary Connor), lectures on Korean war history, Korean democracy development and economic growth, Korean traditional music: Samulnori, Korean immigration history including the LA Riot, Korean Americans, Korean art and architecture, Korean language and Taekwondo.

The seminar started in 2004 as a collaboration of the Korean Cultural Center LA, and schoolteachers, Mary Connor and Sung Soon Kim. Along with the annual seminar and the numerous visiting seminars where the seminar was brought to each school-site to be held, the seminar took place in 34 different states across the U.S. in front of a total of about 3,400 teachers, professors, administrators, and more.

This year, in particular, participating LAUSD teachers will be eligible for 1 point of LAUSD Salary Point for completing the 15 hours of the webinar (including the Sijo webinar that is being held in collaboration) and by submitting a Korean history and culture lesson plan and an evaluation of this webinar. Participants will also be eligible to apply for the USC’s 4 Continuing Education Units as professional development units.

Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles and National Korean Studies have provided teaching materials and lecture resources related to Korean history and culture, such as the textbook Teaching East Asia: Korea, which is an updated edition of Common Core: Korea, a book that has been in use as the main textbook for the seminar since 2016. The book has also been made into a digital format and has been distributed online.

Teaching East Asia: Korea is a textbook that was revised and published in 2017, a book that many teachers use as a supplementary textbook for Korean history and culture lessons. It serves as a way to introduce Korea to students as an important member of Northeast Asia region and the world, one reason that the title of the book changed in 2017 from Common Core: Korea. It contains various contents such as Korean history, culture, society, and the quantitative and qualitative growth of Korea's politics, economy, society and industry after World War II, Korea’s strengthening of its international status, Korean music, science and technology development, Korean immigration, and Korean tourism industry. (

In addition to this seminar, Korean Cultural Center LA has been holding a Korean Culture Outreach Seminar, which has been popular with educators in the region since 2014, and hopes to continue to do so after the COVID-19 pandemic, for the education system operating in a new normal. It will provide more Korean history and culture content to teachers all around the U.S.

- Date: June 22 - June 24, 2020
- Time: 13:00 - 16:00(PST)
- Place: WEBINAR Seminar(Zoom)
- For more Information: 323.936.3019( or 909.973.0449(