Korean Culture Day - Korean Traditional Wedding & Hanbok

Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2021 - Fri, Jul 23, 2021
Time: 09:00AM - 05:00PM

The traditional wedding ceremony is also called ‘marriage’. This signifies how a man and a woman become a couple after going through a ceremonial procedure, using a combination of the Korean word 'Hon,' which means ‘a man marrying a woman’, and 'In', which means that ‘a woman will find a place to rely on and marry’.

The ceremonial procedure of the traditional wedding was held with six rites at the beginning of the implementation. The six rites are derived from ‘sahonrye’, which included napchae, wedding presents, mun-myung, the inquiry to the bride’s house, nap-gil, notifying the bride’s family of the wedding date, napjing, the act of sending gifts to the bride’s house, chung-gi, sending the wedding date announcement to the bride’s family, and chin-young, the meeting of the bride and groom. Because these steps were cumbersome, it was gradually simplified to four steps: Uihon, the discussion of the marriage, Napchae, giving of the gifts, nap-pae, giving of the wedding announcement, and chinyeong, the meeting of the bride and groom.

In this Korean Culture Day video, the narrator will go through the steps of the Korean traditional wedding ceremony, that includes the groom wearing a samogwandae, a traditional attire, and stand in front of the ceremonial table, Daerye-sang, while hiding his face with a hand-held cloth screen. The bride and groom will make wedding vows to each other with the help of Sumo, the assistant ladies, who puts on a wreath and helps the bride with everything in the wedding ceremony.