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Ep 1. Gayageum | English Gugak Series

Date: Wed, Sep 08, 2021 - Wed, Sep 22, 2021
Time: 09:00AM - 05:00PM

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (Wijin Park, Director) and Korean traditional music (Gugak) artist, Seo-Yoon Jang present a special online project, English Gugak Series 'Korean Traditional Music 101 : Sound of Korea' on every second and fourth Wednesday of each month, September 8, 2021 - January 26, 2022 on the KCCLA YouTube channel.

The first episode is Gayageum. Gayageum is a zither with 12 strings made of twisted silk which gives its unique, earthy timbre. Each string is held on a wooden bridge called Anjok. The body is made of paulownia wood. There is punggnyu Gayageum used for court music and sanjo Gayageum for folk music. Nowadays there are 18, 25 string gayageum for contemporary pieces.

'Sound of Korea' is a new series made by KTM101 to introduce Korean traditional instruments and vocal genres. Subscribe for more episodes to be brought to you every other week.

English Gugak Series Upload Schedule

Ep 1. Gayageum (Plucked twelve-string board zither) (9.8)

Ep 2. Daegeum (Transverse wind instrument) (9.22)

Ep 3. Cheolhyeongeum (Metal-string instrument) (10.13)

Ep 4. Geomungo (Six-string board zither) (10.27)

Ep 5. Ajaeng (Bowed zither with seven strings) (11.10)

Ep 6. Piri (Double-reed bamboo instrument) (11.24)

Ep 7. Haegeum (Two-string fiddle) (12.8)

Ep 8. Jeong-ga (Classical vocal of music) (12.22)

Ep 9. Gayageum Byeongchang (Gayageum in combination with singing) (1.12)

Ep 10. Minyo (Folk song) (1.26)

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