K-Yangsaeng Gymnastic

Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2022 - Mon, Feb 28, 2022
Time: 09:00AM - 05:00PM

I. K-Yangsaeng Gymnastic

K-Yangsaeng Gymnastic is a type of exercise routine set to Korean folk music that anyone can easily enjoy. Its basic premise is derived from Yangsaeng doinbeop, a book written by an eminent 16th-century Korean Confucian scholar named Toegye Yi Hwang. Yangsaeng is a life science for developing vitality, represents East Asian philosophy and views on good health, and includes regulated breathing, controlling one’s mind, and improving physical strength.

II. Warm-Up: Ongheya

As a warm-up exercise, this calisthenic exercise called Ongheya was tailored to the invigorating sounds of Korean folk music called “ongheya” It consists of movements that exhilarate the whole body, help with blood circulation, and improve the muscle strength of the lower body by balancing on one foot.

III. Main Gymnastic: Jindo Arirang

This exercise was adapted to a Korean folk song called “Jindo Arirang.” It is designed to be easy for anyone of any age to learn by applying the traditional Korean martial art movements of Taekkyeon.

IV. Cool-down: Let today be today

Using the most essential and fundamental movements of the body, this exercise includes straight movements of the spine, flexion of the front and back, and rotational movements that extend the torso.