Aimless Bullet (Obaltan)

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022
Time: 06:00PM - 08:00PM
Aimless Bullet (Obaltan)

The Space Between: Golden Age of Korean Cinema

Co-Presented with Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA), GYOPO, and Korean Film Archive

Aimless Bullet (Obaltan)

October 22, 6PM

Location: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles(3rd Fl. Ari Hall)

5505 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

FREE admission and Parking

150 Seats Maximum

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Aimless Bullet (Obaltan)

1961 Yes-19 Republic of Korea 107min 1961-04-13(Release)

Production: Dae Han Film Co, Ltd.

Director: Yu Hyun-mok

Actor: Kim Jin-kyu , Choi Moo-ryong , Seo Ae-ja , Kim Hye-jeong , Noh Jae-sin?

Plot: Cheol-ho (Kim Jin-kyu) is a clerk at a CPA office, who lives with his mother (Noh Jae-sin), his pregnant wife (Moon Jung-suk), a younger sister (Seo Ae-ja), and a younger brother (Choi Moo-ryong). His life is hard with his mother who became deranged during the war and always screams "Let's go!" His wife is pregnant but malnourished, his sister is a prostitute for foreigners and his younger brother is an unemployed veteran. However, it is difficult to take care of his family along with his salary. Even with a terrible toothache, going to the dentist isn't an option for him. One day, he receives a phone call from the police saying that his younger brother Yeong-ho was arrested for robbing a bank. When he returns from the police station, he hears the news that his wife is just about to deliver a baby. He heads for the hospital right away but his wife has already died from giving birth. Deeply despaired, Cheol-ho leaves the hospital without even seeing his wife's dead body and wanders around the street. Then he goes to the dentist and gets his rotten tooth pulled out. Cheol-ho cannot manage himself because of blood and pain in his mouth and gets in a taxi. Wearily, he mumbles, "Let's go."

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