The exhibition hall on the first floor displays a vast collection of historical and contemporary Korean artifacts along with a variety of replicas of historical pieces from Korea's dynastic kingdoms. These fascinating displays provide insights into the aesthetic, social, historical and political conceptions of Korea throughout its history. Furthermore, the museum has various embroidery, crafts and cultural assets throughout Korean history; including pottery, crowns, musical instruments and artifacts from the Three Kingdoms Period and the Joseon Dynasty.


The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles Art Gallery on the second floor is a venue for local and internationally renowned artists. The spacious gallery holds various types of exhibitions all throughout the year. The Gallery is also the locale for the Annual Juried Art Exhibition for aspiring artists around the nation.


The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles Auditorium, Ari Hall, serves as a venue for screening Korean films, performances, and a lecture room. Throughout the year, several different types of events are held in the auditorium such as weekly film screenings, special screenings, special screenings with visiting filmmakers, multimedia presentations, educational seminars, press conferences and theatrical performances.


The Korean Cultural Center's Library is the repository for more than 26,000 volumes of books, CDs, videotapes, and DVDs. Booksare available in English and Korean on numerous subjects such as Korean arts, traditional and modern literature, folklore, philosophy, history, science, culinary and contemporary Korean entertainment culture. It is an ideal place to learn more about Korea, starting with its rich ancient history to today's vibrant modern society. Children's books are also available, along with multiple publications in the periodicals section which were published in Korea and sent to our library for your viewing. The library also has personal computers that allow for easy viewing of multi-media resources & provides wireless internet access.Books, audio CDs and videotapes can be checked out, and DVDs can be viewed inside the library.