케이팝 릴레이 드림캐쳐

날짜: 2020.04.15 - 2020.05.06
시간: 오전 09:00 - 오후 05:00
케이팝 릴레이 드림캐쳐

We want to encourage everyone to have fun with K-pop during the period of social distancing. Let’s make a Dreamcatcher relay dance video!!?

1. Learn the choreography of the song -? (Chorus, 1st verse or the entire song)

2. Self-record at home - PLEASE do NOT gather with your friends to practice or record the video.?

3. Send your recording - Please send your recording with the above information included to kpop@kccla.org

- Please put your full name as the file name and information of Part of the song covered (ex. 1st Verse & 1st Chorus - 0:00~1;15) .

4. We will relay everyone’s dance into a full song and upload to KCCLA social media platform.?

5. Please submit your covers by Wed, May 6th!.

**Through a raffle, some participants will be gifted a signed Dreamcatcher CD????

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