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Korean Culture Day : Performing Arts ‘Sound of Chosun’

Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Time: 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Korean Culture Day : Performing Arts ‘Sound of Chosun’
▶ Title : Sound of Chosun
▶ Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at 7 PM
▶ Place: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles 3rd Fl. Ari Hall
▶ Presenters : Korean Cultural Center, LA (KCCLA), Daroo
▶ Online Reservation:
▶ For more Info: or 323-936-3015 Hannah Cho

For the August ‘Korean Culture Day,’ Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (KCCLA) and Daroo is hosting on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at 7PM in the 3rd Fl. Ari Hall of KCCLA.

This concert will feature the world-renowned Prima Donna of Korean Pansori Ahn Sook Sun, who will perform to diverse Korean music such as gayageum-beyongchang, pansori, gayageum-sanjo.

Master Ahn Sook Sun with Professor Hye-reon Park, the 23rd Important Intangible Cultural Asset and Jung-mi Hong, winner of the ‘27th National Gugak Contest (Daejeon) Gayageum Chorus’ will perform < Swallow’s travel > together. It will be followed by Master Ahn’s solo pansori performance of < Love song in Pansori Chunhyangga >, Professor Park’s < Gayageum Sanjo >, Daroo Team’s < Women’s March >, < Saetaryung >, < Pungnyeonga >, < Song of Sailors >, < Honam-ga >, and Master Park Soo-gwan will end the concert with < Baekbalga > ,< Sangyusori > and < Ongheya >.

This concert was arranged to introduce the world-famous gugak artist to the Korean-American community and the mainstream society in America. Master Ahn has performed at the Lincoln Center and the Carnegie Hall, and has been praised numerous times by Americans. She hopes that this concert will serve as a chance for the main stream society to learn about Korea’s beautiful traditional music.

During her visit in Los Angeles, Master Ahn Sook Sun attended the “7th Annual Korean Traditional Music and Arts Competition” on August 24th at the Barnsdall Art Park and also performed at the “Ahn Sook Sun Korea Opera: Heungboga” on August 25th at the Ebell Theatre, portraying the true essence of Korean culture to locals here in Los Angeles.

Ahn, Sook Sun, Gifted Master Singer designated as Korean National Cultural Asset in the formal endorsement of Korean Government Authority is celebrated by the most public recognition. She is one of the world-famous musicians called CHUNHYANG everlasting, the best singer in our contemporaries or Prima Donna in Korean Pansori, KUKKAK national community. She completed the Pansori five madang (performances) and she’s been one of the grand masters. After that she was invited to perform in France, Lincoln Center Festival (2003), Edinburgh International Festival (2003), Brave Festival in Wroclaw (2010), and SFINKS Festival Belgium (2010). Recently, she performed Sugungga in the Festival d’Automne in Paris (2015) and Trojan Women in The Singapore Arts Festival (2017). She was conferred an order of Cultural Merits from French government in 1998 for her artistic activities in French.

In addition, she has been heralded by the Korean government as the Twenty Third Intangible Cultural Asset in 1997, She has appeared in numerous music, broadcast and theater productions, made several recordings, and taught at numerous institutions. She was consecutively General Manager and Art Director of National Changgeuk Company of Korea, and posted as an elder member with successful and wonderful performances in so many times in the Domestic and International stages for the last 50 years.

Admission is free, and reservations can be made online or over the phone. 323-936-3015

"Daroo" Korean Performing Arts & Culture was founded in 2007 with a vision to bridge the gap between different cultural communities. “Daroo” has been active in delivering and educating Korean traditional culture to the new generation and other cultures in the U.S.A. The main goal of "Daroo" is to travel around America and reach out to other cultural communities, Korean immigrants, and the new generation. Through the dedication embedded in our performances, we hope to touch the hearts of other ethnic groups to come together and inspire one another.

Korean Culture Day will be held every last week of the month.
The events will vary from exhibitions, workshops, movies, performances, and many other cultural events. This year, come enjoy Korean culture at the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles every last week of the month!


1) Women’s March(제8호 감방의 노래) / Daroo
2) Honam-ga(호남가) / Daroo
3) Swallow’s travel(흥보가 중 제비노정기) Gayageumbyengchang ? Sook Sun Ahn, Hye Ryun Park, Jang Mi Hong
4) Baekbalga(백발가) / Soo Kwan Park
5) Pungnyeonga(풍년가) / Daroo
6) Gayageum sanjo(가야금 산조) / Hye Ryun Park
7) Saetaryung(새타령) / Daroo
8) Love song in Pansori Chunhyangga(춘향가 중 사랑가) / Sook-Sun Ahn, Yunwoon Seo
9) Sangyusori(상여소리) / Soo Kwan Park
10) Song of Sailors(신뱃노래) / Daroo
11) Ongheya(옹헤야) / Soo Kwan Park