Performing Arts

2020 ARI PROJECT: A Night of Korean Art Songs and Stories

Date: Friday, February 14, 2020
Time: 07:30PM - 09:30PM
2020 ARI PROJECT: A Night of Korean Art Songs and Stories
2020 ARI PROJECT: Performing Arts
A Night of Korean Art Songs and Stories

Promoted by BONA MUSIC

-Date: Friday, February 14, 2020 at 7:30pm
-Place: Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles 3rd Fl. Ari Hall
5505 Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA 90036
-Online Reservation:
-For more Info: or 323-936-3015

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (Wijin Park, Director) and Bona Music (Heaja Lee, Chairwoman) will present a special performance "A Night of Korean Art Songs and Stories" on Friday, February 14th, 2020 at 7:30 P.M. on the 3rd floor of the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, Ari Hall.

Participating artists include Tenor Wiyoung Oh, Soprano Clara Lee, Bass Jinyoung Jang and Baritone Sang keun Chang, with the guest singers from South Korea, Soprano Youngsun Kim and Soprano Jiyeon Park. It will provide inspiration with beautiful lyrics and sentimental Korean Lied melodies.

The performance will feature various Korean art songs like ‘Your Face’ and ‘Love’ sung by Oh, ‘Singing on the Hill’ and ‘Daffodil’ by Lee, ‘The Boulder Pass’ and ‘The Pollack’ by Jang, ‘The River of My Heart’ and ‘Mountain village’ by Chang, ‘A Glow of Sunset on the Mountain’ by Tenor Doosuk Yang and ‘Wondering if My Love is Coming’ by Soprano Kayla Kim. Also, ‘A Sound of Calling My Name’ will be sung by Prof. Youngsun Kim and ‘Dongshimcho’ by Soprano Jiyeon Park, both South Korean guest artists

The second part of the concert "Talk & Sing", that will be the highlight of the event, will be led by Kayla Kim & Doosuk Yang. They're both classical musicians, actively performing as soloists. The Sing-along Korean Art songs - ‘Spring Maiden’, ‘When Spring Comes’ and ‘Another Peony Flower’ - will be led by Kim and Yang along with Jooyoung Kim, Pianist.

The performance is free but phone or online reservation is required prior to the performance., 323-936-3015

*This performance is presented as a part of the Korean Cultural Center’s ARI PROJECT Season 2020: Performing arts series, which features a rich program of various performing arts programs including Korean traditional music and dance, modern fusion world music, Jazz, royal court tea ceremonies, puppet shows as well as theater.


Performance commentary: Kayla Kim & Doosuk Yang
Accompanists: Joo Young Kim

1. Wiyoung Oh, Tennor
- Your Face, poem by Bongsuk Shim / music by Geuibok Shin
- Love, poem by Eunsang Lee / music by Nan-pa Hong

2. Clara Lee, Soprano
- Singing on the Hill, poem by Dongmyung Kim / music by Dongjin Kim
- Daffodil, poem by Dongmyung Kim / music Dongjin Kim

3. Jinyoung Jang, Bass
- The Boulder Pass, poem and music by Heoungryul Lee

4. Youngsun Kim, Soprano
- A Sound of Calling My Name, poem by Ga-in Lee / music by Geoungsu Im

5. Sang Keun Chang, Baritone
- The River of My Heart, poem and music by Su-in Lee
- Mountain Village, poem by Gwangsuk Lee / music by Doonam Cho

Talk Show: Talk & Sing, “Stories of Korean Art Songs - Gagok”
Talk and Sing with Soprano Kayla Kim and Tenor Doosuk Yang
Sing together with Audiences:
- When Spring Comes, poem by Donghwan Kim/ music by Dongjin Kim
- Spring Maiden, poem by Eunsang Lee / music by Nan-pa Hong
- A Lady who collect the vegetables on the hill, poem and music by Jaemyung Hyun
- Another Peony Flower, Poem by Yongho Kim / music by Doonam Cho

6. Jiyeon Park, Soprano
- Dongshimcho, poem by Do Sul / music by Seongtae Kim

7. Jinyoung Jang, Bass
- The Pollack, poem by Myungmun Yang / music by Hun Byun

8. Doosuk Yang, Ten.
- A Glow of Sunset on the Mountain, poem by Kyunghwan You / music by Pangil Park

9. Kayla Kim, Soprano
- Wondering if My Love is Coming, poem by Munho Park / music by Kyuhwan Kim

10. Duet: Kayla Kim & Doosuk Yang
- Azaleas, Poem by So-wol Kim / music by Dongjin Kim

* The program is subject to change without notice.