Los Angeles Dance Festival 2020

Date: Fri, Oct 02, 2020 - Sun, Oct 25, 2020
Time: 09:00AM - 05:00PM
Los Angeles Dance Festival 2020

Virtual festival

Celebrate National Arts and Humanities month with LA Dance Festival

Los Angeles Dance Festival 2020

October 2-25, 2020


The Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles(Wijin Park, Director) as a promotional partner in cooperation with Los Angeles Dance Festival(Deborah Brockus, Executive Producer), the Luckman Fine Arts Complex(Cal State LA), Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK(Moonea Choi, Artistic Director) will present a special virtual Festival "Los Angeles Dance Festival 2020" from Oct. 2-25, 4 weekends, on the www.LAdanceFEST.org and www.LuckmanArts.org

Celebrating its 8th year of bringing attention to the best contemporary dance in LA, Los Angeles Dance Festival (LADF) is partnering with the Luckman Fine Arts Complex to give the community over a month long of free programming in both showcases and classes. This year all virtual opening up the Artists of LA to the whole world.

In 2002, LADD moved from Live showcases in April to online festival in October. LADF may be out of the studios and theaters but dance continues.

LADF is and an annual gathering place where the public can view curated programs featuring the wide range of concert dance that is produced here. LADF also offers ways for the public to participate directly with the creators who work in this vibrant art form.

LADF features top talent in the dance scene who are recognized locally, nationally and internationally. The dancers and choreographers in LADF work in both the concert and commercial, Hollywood industry. Their work is featured onstage around the world in theaters and in feature films, television shows, music videos, commercials and concert tours.


LADF main stage shows are October 2-25

Link to see the shows are available through luckmanarts.org

We are providing these shows for Free

Classes are TBA please check the website for updates and our social media

Partners for LADF Oct 2020

Luckman Fine Arts Complex, on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA)

Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK, Korean Cultural Center LA, City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs.

Produced by Brockus Project Dance. Executive Director, Deborah Brockus.

International Exchange

We celebrate our partnership with South Korea sharing artists with The Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK. In July 2020 LADF sent 7 works to Korea and they are sending 7 works for our October Festival. We are very pleased to have the marketing support of the Korean Cultural Center of LA working with LADF in 2020

The City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department provides some funding support.

Link to shows can be found at



Link to sign up for the classes goes live Oct 1st


Stay Current

IG: @losangelesdancefest

FB: losangelesdancefestival

Basic information

LADF (Los Angeles Dance Festival) 2020

4 weekends of classes - Free streaming each weekend + community classes? all online free or low paywall

4 shows of concert dance

50 choreographers

15 classes on Zoom

Amazing artistry

The creative talent of LA “on stage” for audiences to enjoy


Phone for festival: 562-412-7429

Streaming @ The Luckman

Luckman Theatre, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Co-Producer for LADF 2020

Website: www.luckmanarts.org

Ticket link for Free shows: www.ticketmaster.com

Phone for Luckman Box Office: 323-343-6600

Works showing each Weekend


Friday 6:00pm -Sunday midnight - Main Stage -same show runs all weekend

PETER & CO, PonyBox Dance, Madison Hicks, Rossana Gamson/ World Wide, Derion Loman, BrockusRED, LA Contemporary Dance Company, makedancehappen, Francesca Jandasek, Re:borN Dance Interactive, SIDFIT South Korean Artists: Yoon Sumi , Kim Youngmi


Friday 6:00pm -Sunday midnight - Main Stage - same show runs all weekend

Versa-Style Dance Company, CyberYOGA, Luminario Ballet, 2DANCECOLLECTIVE, Mixed eMotion Theatrix, Jana Taylor and Dancers, Ironstone Dance, cyan cian, BrockusRED, Danza Floricanto/USA, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Ken Morris Project, Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK: Kim Hyunsun, Kim Ok, Yoo Gawon


same show runs

Friday 6:00pm -Sunday midnight -Main Stage - same show runs all weekend

Charlotte Katherine & Co., Nannette Brodie Dance Theater, Robin Bisio Films, Kybele Dance, Poets In Motion, MarieElena Martingano & Camryn Eakes, John Castagna, Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, The Dance Narrative Project, BrockusRED, SIDFIT South Korean Artists: Lee Jihee, Kim Jubin


Friday noon -Friday midnight - FRINGE artists

Fuse Dance Co, PSYCHOPOMP DANCE THEATER, The PGK Project, Authentic Grooves, leah hartley and drew ofthe drew, retrovibecreates, Jamie Burton Dance Collective, Tashara Gavin-Moorehead, Dharma in Motion, Errant Movement, Ruby Karen, Visionary Dance Theatre, Luke Zender, inartwebreathe


Saturday noon to Saturday midnight - ALL South Korean guests Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK

Yoon Sumi, Kim Youngmi, Lee Jihee, Kim Jubin, Kim Hyunsun, Kim Ok, Yoo Gawon


Friday noon -Sunday midnight - Luckman Directors Pick