Field Trip

Field Trip

The Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles (KCCLA) is delighted to offer field trip opportunities for local teachers and students to come and learn about the rich and vibrant culture and history of Korea.

The field trip program is typically offered Monday through Friday, 10:00AM-12:00PM. Tours take approximately 1-2 hours. (Please note that KCCLA does not offer field trips on weekends or holidays.)

1. Greeting and Presentation on Korean Culture in Ari Hall (3F)

2. Tour of the Museum (1F) and Art Gallery (2F)

  • The museum features a permanent exhibition titled, "Emerging Country in East Asia - Elegant Life of the Noble Class during the Joseon Period." Visitors get a glimpse into the lives of Korean Confucian aristocracy through the traditional sarangbang (husband's quarter) and anbang (wife's quarter) rooms. A variety of traditional crafts, embroidery and relics are also on display.
  • Visitors learn about the native Korean writing system known as Hangeul through interactive multimedia and videos.
  • Traditional and contemporary art exhibitions are also held in the Art Gallery. Please refer to the Upcoming Events ( and Art Gallery ( web pages for details.

3. Visiting the Korea Center
  • If time permits students will be directed to the Korea Center (located right next door to the KCCLA) where they can experience the Virtual Reality Studio, listen to KPOP music, and learn more about Korea's popular travel destinations.

If you would like to submit a request for a field trip, please submit the KCCLA Field Trip Application. The application will be reviewed by the KCCLA Director and teachers/school administrators will be contacted by the General Manager via email for further instructions and to confirm the field trip date(s).

For further inquiries, please call 323-936-7141 or contact us at