Field Trip

Field Trip

Rules and Guidelines of the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles Field Trip Program

With the growing interest of Korean cultural contents, Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles is providing field trip opportunities where teachers and students can learn about Korea and its heritage.


Field trips are offered Monday - Friday, running from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Tours normally last around 1 hour and 45 minutes. KCCLA does not offer field trips on weekends or holidays. We encourage all ages to come and experience the rich traditions of Korean culture.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a field trip, please contact Joyce Sir at (323) 936-7141 ext. 131. We will work with you to find a suitable time and date for your group's field trip. Once a time and date are agreed upon, we will contact you to confirm with you.

The KCCLA Field trip consists of:

  1. Greeting and Introduction in the KCCLA Auditorium on the 3rd Floor
  2. A video presentation
  3. Tour of the Korean Cultural Center Museum and Art Gallery. The first-floor museum features an exhibition titled, "Emerging Country in East Asia - Elegant Life of Noble Class during the Joseon Period". The exhibit displays a variety of traditional crafts, embroidery, and relics from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) including sarang bang (study room) and anbang (wife's room). Students can also see the historical timeline of Korean history.
  4. A visit to the Korea Center (the building next door to KCCLA 5509 Wilshire) which displays the most recent trends in Korea's entertainment culture - the latest online games, animation, music videos, tourism & cultural videos - all of the latest trends, technology, entertainment and technology of Korea in one location. This is a self-guided tour.
  5. Each student is given (or distributed to teachers/chaperones) a 3D puzzle of a cultural icon of Korea to put together at home or for a class project. Only one 3D puzzle is given to each student. Extras will be given to teachers for absent students only.

Age Groups:
1st Grade and higher (1st-12th grade and adults)

Although our policy is not to accept groups of children who have not yet started the first grade, we may accept requests for kindergarteners in select circumstances.
Please inquire within.

  • Groups of first graders and kindergarteners shall be limited to 35 students.
  • The MAXIMUM number of students you may bring is 65 people (including teachers and chaperones).
  • The MINIMUM number of students to meet the requirements for bus subsidy is 20 people.

Fee & Bus Subsidy:
We do not charge for KCCLA field trips. KCCLA also offers a bus transportation subsidy for groups larger than 20 people. KCCLA will provide one bus per school (capacity 65-70 passengers) for all students (2nd grade and up), teachers, and chaperones. The maximum amount of bus subsidy shall be no more than $200.
Note: KCCLA provides each school group with a maximum $200 bus transportation subsidy. Each school group agrees to assume responsibility for any transportation costs incurred in excess of the subsidy. Transportation providers may bill such excess costs directly to the school. For school groups using LAUSD bus transportation, please remit payment directly to LAUSD's Transportation Service Division upon billing.
* Qualifications for bus transportation subsidy: All certified school districts in California.
* Note - KCCLA does not cover the cost of private schools, or after-school educational centers or camps. Only state-certified schools.

Basic Instructions
  • Call or email to schedule a field trip ( or 323-936-7141(x131)
  • Email Bus Form and Disclaimer to secure the date and
  • Joyce Kim signs the Bus Form (keeps the disclaimer) and faxes Bus Form back to the teacher (or administrator)
  • Please make sure you provide your FAX NUMBER on Bus Form or Cover Sheet
  • Schedule the bus with Bus Company once you have approval for a bus subsidy
* Please remember that KCCLA only covers the cost of the bus (up to $200) and is not responsible for booking the bus
Invoice Requirements
  1. The invoice should come directly from the bus company. ($200 or less)
  2. The remaining balance should be mailed out separately to the school.
  3. An ADDRESS to remit the check
  4. The exact amount of what is owed
  5. Please send a proper invoice. Please do not send an estimate or a request letter. If a School is to be reimbursed, please send a SCHOOL INVOICE with the exact amount of what is owed and the school address along with the school emblem or letter head.
  6. Please ONLY SEND THE INVOICE of the party that is owed. If the bus company has already been paid by the school and the school needs to be reimbursed, please only send the school invoice so the bus company is not paid twice.
  7. KCCLA cannot cover the cost of any school within 1 mile of KCCLA.
  8. KCCLA can only reimburse a legitimate Southern California school or a bus company. KCCLA cannot reimburse an individual, a church or religious organization, a club, a privately-owned educational institution, or private organization that is not a bus company.
  9. KCCLA cannot provide the cost of bus coverage in advance. KCCLA will remit payment to cover the cost of the bus after the field trip.
  10. It is not KCCLA's responsibility to contact the bus company for imbursement or bus scheduling.

Cancellation, Confirm or Postpone
Please notify via email at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel, confirm, or postpone the field trip.

Discipline (Please Read)
  1. KCCLA expects everyone who visits the center to follow the rules and exhibit good behavior. Teachers, please make sure that the students are prepared for an educational experience and not a recreational experience.
  2. Students must not run or play in the KCCLA or Korea Center buildings. Students must be respectful to our staff. Students must not vandalize or damage property the KCCLA or Korea Center buildings.
  3. KCCLA Staff are not responsible for the conduct or discipline of students while on the property Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles. Teachers are required to maintain control, management, and discipline of students at all times during the field trip at KCCLA.
  4. If teachers, proctors or chaperones are neglectful or unsuccessful in controlling the behavior of a disruptive group or an individual, the tour will be immediately terminated and the group will be requested to leave the KCCLA premises.
  5. If you would like to prepare your students about Korea, this is a great link of the Republic of Korea - Also, teachers can visit the KCCLA YouTube channel to have provide an insight of Korean Culture in the U.S. -


Buses usually drop and pick-up students in front of the KCCLA building on Wilshire or the side of the building on Dunsmuir St. Buses may not enter the rear parking lot due to weight issues.
If students are dropped off in front of the KCCLA building on Wilshire or the side of the building on Dunsmuir, please enter through the back entrance on Dunsmuir. There is no front entry to KCCLA. When the field trip is over, please exit through the back of the building (the same way a group enters the building).
Buses usually park at the LA Tarpits (George Page Museum Park, LACMA), which is about 5 blocks (less than half a mile) west of KCCLA on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Curson Ave. or on Dunsmuir St. if there are enough spaces. There is free bus parking at the LA Tarpits area for buses.


KCCLA does not provide a lunch venue for field trips. It is recommended that teachers take the students to the LA Tarpits/George Page Museum park area near the Los Angeles County of Modern Art; there is a lot of space and sunshine. The park is 5 blocks west of KCCLA on the corner of Curson Ave. and Wilshire Blvd., less than a quarter of a mile on the right side. Bus parking is free on Curson Ave. and 6th Street (on block north parallel to Wilshire).
If weather conditions are poor, Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax is another great option.

Joyce Sir
Phone: (323) 936-7141 (x131)