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2020 FALL Class

09/15/2020 - 12/01/2020

12 weeks

Please read carefully and follow the instructions.

Please register only one time per person. Do not register more than once, for more than one level/class.

Before submitting, please proofread your registration for spelling errors and other incorrect or incomplete information. All information (including any errors) will be recorded exactly as inputted.

If you find you are unable to attend the semester, please contact us to cancel your registration. This will create room for students on the waiting list and also prevent you from receiving any notices about being unpaid.

As space is limited, only registered students will be allowed in the classrooms. Unfortunately, we do not have room for friends and family (unless they also have registered).

By enrolling in our language program and being on the premises, you expressly consent to be filmed, photographed and/or otherwise recorded.

Please purchase your textbook from online or other bookstores. (Textbook NOT Included)

In consideration of other students, we do not allow small children in classrooms; all persons in classrooms must be registered students, 18 years and up.

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2020 FALL   09/15/2020-12/01/2020


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