Korean Speech Contest

2021 Online Korean Speech Contest

2021 Online Korean Speech Contest

To commemorate the 575th Anniversary of Hangul Day (October 9, 2021), the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles (KCCLA) and the King Sejong Institute Center, USA are pleased to announce that this year’s Korean Speech Contest will be in the form of video submissions.

Event Information All times are in Pacific Daylight Time

  • Submission period: September 13 - October 29, 2021
  • Evaluation period: November 2 - 3, 2021
  • Announcement of winners: November 4, 2021 (http://www.kccla.org and https://www.ksicusa.com)
  • Online awards ceremony: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 (TBA)
    (Schedule is subject to change without notice, subject to unforeseen circumstances.)


  1. Must be a US resident and at least 18 years of age on date of submission
  2. Any King Sejong Institute student in the United States OR
  3. Any Korean learner in the US (including college students/general public), whose native language IS NOT Korean


  1. Personal experience with the Korean language and/or culture.
  2. Anything related to Korea (e.g. food, travel, history, arts, entertainment, K-pop, current events, etc.).

Content Length

  1. Introductory/Basic Course Division: Up to 2 minutes
  2. Intermediate/Advanced Course Division: Up to 3 minutes

Content Format

  1. Video Format: MP4
  2. Video Resolution: 1080P (also known as Full HD)
  3. Please do not exceed the time limit. If time limit is exceeded, points will be deducted from your final score.
  4. Video must be your own original work and created in Korean.
  5. If you borrow scenes or music from existing works, the source MUST be credited in your video.

How to Submit

  1. Submit your video (MP4 format ONLY) with the completed Consent and Release Form to speechcontest@kccla.org
  2. Submission deadline: 11:59 pm on Friday, October 29, 2021 (Pacific Daylight Time)

* Only email submissions will be accepted. All entries must be complete - incomplete entries will not be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria



Preparation and originality


Fluency and appropriateness to level


Accuracy of grammar and vocabulary


Pronunciation and enunciation

Awards Contestants will be evaluated in two divisions

  1. Introductory/Basic Courses
  2. Intermediate/Advanced Courses

* Please see the level placement chart below. For the general public, if you are unsure, please visit https://nuri.iksi.or.kr/front/page/participation/onlineLevelTest/main.do to take the placement test.

Division/ Classification Introductory/Basic Courses Intermediate/Advanced Courses
(*See the table #1 below)
KSI 1A or below KSI 1B or above
Any Korean learner in the US whose native language IS NOT Korean
First Place (1 Winner) $500(Amazon E-gift Card) *A round-trip airline ticket (LAX↔ICN)
(Maximum $1,250 value)
(Special restrictions apply, see below)
Second Place (2 Winners) $250(Amazon E-gift Card) $500(Amazon E-gift Card)
Third Place (3 Winners) $100(Amazon E-gift Card) $250(Amazon E-gift Card)
Korean Culture Award (50 Winners) $25(Amazon E-gift Card)

* One round trip economy class airline ticket (LAX ↔ ICN) for use by contest winner only.
** This ticket (Maximum $1,250 value) cannot be transferred, bartered, or sold to anyone else.
*** Must be claimed within 6 months.
**** Seasonal and other restrictions apply.

1. Certificate from KCCLA will be awarded to First, Second, and Third Place winners.
2. The prize allotment may be subject to change without notice.
3. The total number of prizes awarded may be adjusted, depending on the total number of valid submissions.
4. A small gift or souvenir will be sent to each valid participant who does not win one of the major awards or the Korean Culture Award.

Table #1
Introductory or Basic Courses Intermediate or Advanced Courses
Judgment Rating Sejong Korean Reference Rating Judgment Rating Sejong Korean Reference Rating
1A or below Sejong Korean 1 1B Sejong Korean 2
2A Sejong Korean 3
2B Sejong Korean 4
3A Sejong Korean 5
3B Sejong Korean 6
4A Sejong Korean 7
4B Sejong Korean 8