2020 Online Korean Speech Contest

2020 Online Korean Speech Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our finalists and Korean Culture Award winners!

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Finalists (Alphabetical Order)

* These are the six finalists in each division.
* The First Place winner, two Second Place winners, and three Third Place winners in each division will be announced at the Zoom awards ceremony on Friday.

Introductory/Basic Courses

AR******   C*****

ER**   B*****

KE****   D*******

LA****   L**

SE****   Y*

SH****   G****

Intermediate/Advanced Courses

AL*****   G******

IZ****************   H****

KA*****   D****

MA****   D*****

MA*****   K***

SY****   G****


Korean Culture Awards (Alphabetical Order)

Introductory/Basic Courses

AN****   G*********

AS****   M*****

CA*****   Y**

CH******   C****

CH******   N*

ER**   L**

HA***   L********

JO*******   Y*******

KA****   L*

KI*******   K*****

MA****   Y*

MA*******   I************

MA******   G******

MY*   K***

NI***   M****

RE*****   A******

SE***   B****

SO****   W**

TE******   V*******

TI*****   L**

TI*****   G*****

TI*****   G************

Intermediate/Advanced Courses

AD**   N****

AI***   M******

AM*********   T*******

AN****   Q******

AN**   D*******

AN*****   L**

BR*****   W****

CA*****   K*

CE**************   L**

CH*******   F******

HY******   P***

JO*******   S********

JP   M****

KR*****   Y**

KR******   K**

LE***   Z**

LO**   O******

MA****   L*

NA*****   G****

RA***   D******

RU*****   G******

SA***   N******

SA**   G****

SO*****   K**

TE*   W*****

XA****   M**

YI**   L**

YR******   K****