2023 Online Korean Speech Contest

2023 Online Korean Poetry Recitation Contest

Congratulations to all our finalists and Korean Culture Award winners!

* Please check the email that you gave to us. We will email you by 10/2/2023 with information about the online awards ceremony to take place on 10/4 if you are a finalist.

Winners (Alphabetical Order)

* These are first name, last name and email.


As****         Ho****         as***************@******com

Ca***         Ta****         ca*************@******com

Ch*******         Di****         ch*************@******com

De***         Bo***         de*********@**********edu

Ge***         Dw***         dw**************@******com

Gr***         We*         gr*******@******com

Je*******         Ts**         jm******@****edu

Ke***         Pi*****         mr********@******com

Sh****         Go***         pa********@******com

Su*****         Cl***         su***************@******com

Wa*         Ab****         wa***************@******com

Wi******         Pe***         re*****@******com